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The factor of the drawer box

In addition to the lid and base box and the flip box, drawer box is another commonly used box type. Different kinds of packaging boxes will give people different feelings. For example, the drawer box gives a mysterious feeling, which makes people want to know what is inside.

The drawer box is inspired by the drawers that are common in our daily life. The lid and the inner box are made of two separate structures. The lid is tubular and the box is disc-shaped. The package of this structure is suitable for gift packaging, clothing packaging, jewelry packaging, and cosmetic packaging.

There is also a benefit to the drawer box, which can be divided into categories. Unlike other box types, the drawers can be single-layered, double-layered, or even multi-layered. For example, this moon cake box is a double-layer drawer box. The upper and lower layers can be placed with different tastes, which not only satisfy the customer's appetite, but also make the product arrangement more orderly and beautiful.

The drawer box made of paper material is not only practical, but also enhances value of the product through decoration. Through Hot foil stamping, UV, embossing, printing and other processes, not only can beautify the packaging box, but also highlight the product brand, play the role of advertising.

In addition, the drawer can also be equipped with linings made of different materials like foam, cardboard to fix and protect the product.

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